Can We Reliably Debunk Conspiracy Theories?

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Alan Godfrey with a drawing of the craft (credit:Evans & Stacy)

Since I launched myself into the world of the conspiracy theory I have been amazed by the amount of fervent debate from both sides of the fence; from those either trying to prove or disprove.

Almost any online search about conspiracy theories throws up a huge amount of web sites promising to debunk or support some of the most famous incidents such as Roswell, Big Foot, who really built the pyramids and of course famous assassinations such as JFK.

But many are fact light and laden with unsupported claims and theories that would probably sit well in a Hollywood film rather than on a site claiming to have a basis in fact.

Time is a great proving ground for conspiracy theories and the recent releases by the UK government of their UFO files dating from 1965 to 2008 only add further fuel to fan the flames of some believers who talk of sightings being covered up and blurred by concerted disinformation campaigns.

Of course, the more that people try to dispute or debunk a particular incident the more people will inevitably cry foul & level accusations of cover-ups, disinformation campaigns and the burying of evidence.

However to me the as yet unanswered case of Alan Godrey who talks of being abducted by aliens in Todmorden, West Yorkshire is one of the most interesting cases of the past few decades.

The Alan Godfrey story is all the more perplexing because of the initial investigation into the discovery of the body of Zigmund Adamski on top of a pile of coal that led to the alleged abduction described by Godfrey.

Forensic scientists who examined the body of Adamski were never able to identify a gel-like substance they found around the back of his neck near some burn marks.

They were also at odds when trying to justify the location of his body or also the state of his clothing.

More can be read here:

Of all the mysterious reports of UFO or alien encounters I have come across so far researching my book this one is the most puzzling and remains a mystery to this day.

It reminded me of the incident that was reported in Paris I am researching as part of my book.

That spoke of someone allegedly breaking into a morgue and being caught trying to inject dead bodies with a substance; immediately my mind asked the questions how did this person get into the morgue and why would you inject a dead body?

Like the Alan Godfrey incidents, sometimes it is difficult trying to come up with a rational, logical answer that satisfies our curiosity.



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  1. ObiWanCanubi says:

    Conspiracy Theories are better thought of as the ideas of the minority opinion being looked down upon.

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