SandfordAfter nearly three years of silence it appears that a whistle blower has come forward and published evidence from the incident in Paris that I covered in my book, Fact or Fiction.

The full version of this persons evidence can be found at the following link Paris evidence

On first appearances this evidence appears to confirm points that first surfaced in a report written by Mark Collins in this report Body Tampering

An extract from this report states:

MC Pic.jpg

Whilst it does corroborate certain facts that were alluded to in this report I am currently talking with experts I know to see whether this evidence can be confirmed as authentic.

I will also be talking with Richard Syrett on his show on the 17th of April to discuss this further and hope to have more information by then.



So after months of speculation and I have to say almost unbearable tension we finally have a first piece of actual evidence from the forthcoming book by Mark Collins.

This is significant because we now have something tangible to look forward to when the book is finally out (apparently it’s coming out in Autumn on Markosia) and it also does mean that Mark Collins may actually have some new evidence.

There’s also further references to the @1of26 Twitter feed so whether there’s more to come on this we’ll have to wait and see.

Clearly I will be looking at the evidence very carefully because in truth I did think my analysis left me feeling short changed as I never really got to a conclusion – just many possible explanations.

I shall also consider writing another chapter to me book based on what Mark publishes as I’m keen to add a final conclusion – something that as a writer I feel I have to do with this subject.

Here’s the Tweet and as ever I shall keep looking out for more info and post more in the coming months.


As with everything there seems to be barriers between us even though we appear to share the same publisher but I also know when I went through the process of signing up my book NDA’s and secrecy are the order of the day in the publishing world.

If you hadn’t already seen it, things are starting to take a new twist with the investigations I did into the so-called M6 and Paris crashes.

My book, Fact or Fiction, was released last year and my attempts to contact Mark Collins about this book and my investigations seemed to fall on deaf ears. He didn’t say much and was curiously silent about the book when it came out last Spring.

Yet in recent weeks his Twitter account seems to have burst into life. promising answers in the form of his own book. His feed can be found here @mcollinsblog

It is even coming out with the same publisher as me, Markosia, although I’m awaiting this confirmation such is the secrecy that apparently surrounds this book.

Perhaps like many who were intrigued by the reports of the alleged incidents on the M6 and in Paris, we want to know what really happened, the truth if you will. And also we want to know why Mark was the only reporter of these incidents and whether the video of the alleged incident on the M6 was real or a fake.

I’ve always said there were three possibilities:

1. It was fact based reporting

2. It was a viral campaign

3. It was a diversion for something else far more sinister

I’ve also wondered whether Mark Collins was real, whether he was part of the whole series of incidents or some hapless fool caught up in the middle of something he couldn’t control.

Time will tell and I have to say I’m looking forward to hearing his version of the events; whether I believe them? Well that’s another story that may prompt me into writing another chapter of my book.

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Another review, this time from Lee over at The Conspiracy Review and Steve Mera at Phenomena Magazine, again special thanks for all their patience in waiting for so long!



Also you can catch my interview with Richard Syrett here:




It’s been a bit of a blur since the book came out and reviews are now being published so I just wanted to thank some of those who’ve been kind enough to support my first foray into the world of publishing!

So here’s a post from Carlos over at his blog Videa which can be found at:


He made a comment about Bob Lazar, something that never crossed my mind when researching the book.


As we get ever nearer to the publishing of my book (the final manuscript is now in with the publisher!) I wanted to share something that was put together by someone who regularly corresponds with me on Twitter about the subject matter.

Debs, whose Twitter account is @NearlyHere put the map together having researched the coordinates listed on the @1of26 feed, one of the many items I’ve been researching for my book.

The 1of26 feed is erratic, and in fact stopped posting anything about a year ago. What it does post is mainly locations, references to people in the world of science or even historical literature and then a reference to John Titor – this man was an alleged time traveler from the early 00’s.


Nothing makes much sense as you will see from the screen shot of the final few tweets I’ve enclosed.

But the locations make even less sense and with Debs’ help you will see all manner of locations with no particular pattern – unless anyone out there can come up with some kind of logical suggestion?

One Tweet of note suggests that ‘Steve’ knows someone going by the name Charley Sandford & that person likes a restaurant called The Galley – the link goes to an actual restaurant – but no one would comment on these alleged guests having set foot in the place.

My book will explain more of what I found out and also probably opens up the debate as to what this actually could be; is it a cover up, hoax or something else more sinister but in the meantime it’s worth looking at these locations to see if they make any sense. This posting from a blogger in Argentina called Carlos is worth a read as it sets out a lot of the background to my book –  ‘The Double Crash‘.

Here’s the images prepared by Debs for review:



More info about my book can be found at this page –

Alan Godfrey with a drawing of the craft (credit:Evans & Stacy)

Since I launched myself into the world of the conspiracy theory I have been amazed by the amount of fervent debate from both sides of the fence; from those either trying to prove or disprove.

Almost any online search about conspiracy theories throws up a huge amount of web sites promising to debunk or support some of the most famous incidents such as Roswell, Big Foot, who really built the pyramids and of course famous assassinations such as JFK.

But many are fact light and laden with unsupported claims and theories that would probably sit well in a Hollywood film rather than on a site claiming to have a basis in fact.

Time is a great proving ground for conspiracy theories and the recent releases by the UK government of their UFO files dating from 1965 to 2008 only add further fuel to fan the flames of some believers who talk of sightings being covered up and blurred by concerted disinformation campaigns.

Of course, the more that people try to dispute or debunk a particular incident the more people will inevitably cry foul & level accusations of cover-ups, disinformation campaigns and the burying of evidence.

However to me the as yet unanswered case of Alan Godrey who talks of being abducted by aliens in Todmorden, West Yorkshire is one of the most interesting cases of the past few decades.

The Alan Godfrey story is all the more perplexing because of the initial investigation into the discovery of the body of Zigmund Adamski on top of a pile of coal that led to the alleged abduction described by Godfrey.

Forensic scientists who examined the body of Adamski were never able to identify a gel-like substance they found around the back of his neck near some burn marks.

They were also at odds when trying to justify the location of his body or also the state of his clothing.

More can be read here:

Of all the mysterious reports of UFO or alien encounters I have come across so far researching my book this one is the most puzzling and remains a mystery to this day.

It reminded me of the incident that was reported in Paris I am researching as part of my book.

That spoke of someone allegedly breaking into a morgue and being caught trying to inject dead bodies with a substance; immediately my mind asked the questions how did this person get into the morgue and why would you inject a dead body?

Like the Alan Godfrey incidents, sometimes it is difficult trying to come up with a rational, logical answer that satisfies our curiosity.



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